Спортивная рыбалка в Черногории
Catching exotic and rare species of fish
€400 *price per boat (total for the whole fishing trip)
06.00(07.00) – 12.00(13.00)
Вертикальный джиггинг, отвесный джигинг, ловля в заброс (кастинг), ловлЯ на живые приманки
Sea fishing is not only tuna, swordfish, Mediterranean marlin, dolphins, mahi-mahi and other fish plowing the expanses of the Adriatic Sea. They are also predatory relatives of the well-known sea bream - zubans and pagras, hidden at the bottom of the sea, as well as groupers, large scorpions, sea burbot, conger eels, moray eels and other beautiful and large predators of the depths of Anriatika.

On this fishing you can master vertical jigging, sheer jigging, cast fishing (casting), live bait fishing. The most suitable baits will be selected and you will be able to master different fishing techniques. All gear and other necessary equipment will be provided for you.

On the boat we will navigate through the most effective (fishing) places that have been developed over the years of practice and have already been marked in memory on our GPS. Fishing takes place at a depth of 30 to 120 meters.

Fishing time: from 06:00 to 13:00
We fish in a group of 2 - 4 people.

On this fishing, as a rule, specimens from 2 kg to 30 kg come across. It can be:

- Small scorpionfish. small red scorpionfish. Skrpinica (Scorpaena notata);

- Golden scorpion. red scorpionfish. Skrpina (Scorpaena scrofa);

- Atlantic sea bream. Atlantic pomfret. Grboglavka (Brama brama);

- Big seriola, or big amberjack. Greater amberjack. gof. (Seriola dumerili);

- Ordinary zuban, or synagrid. common dentex. Zubatac (Dentex dentex);

- Lobasty zuban, or zuban-philosopher. Pink dentex. Zubatac krunaš (Dentex gibbosus);

- Laskir, or crucian carp. Annular seabream. Spar (Diplodus annularis);

- Atlantic, or red pagel. common pandora. Arbun (Pagellus erythrinus);

- Golden, or common pagr. Red porn. Pagar (Pagrus pagrus).

- Brown grouper. dusky grouper. Kernja, Kernja golema, Kirnja (Epinephelus marginatus);

- Large sea dragon. Greater weever. Pauk bijeli, Pauk bijelac (Trachinus draco);

- Striped sea dragon. starry weever. Pauk sharac, Pauk mrkulj (Trachinus radiatus);

- European moray. Mediterranean sea. Murina. (Muraena helena).

- etc.

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